10 Facts About Tuxedo Cats

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10 Facts About Black Tuxedo Cats

black and white cat

1. The Official name of for Tuxedo cats is “Bicolor Cat”. 

Bicolor can refer to any cat that has two colors.

black and white cat


2. Black and White cats are Also known as “Magpie” or “Cow Cat” or “Moo Cat” or “Black Mask” or Piebald Cat.

black and white kittens

Photo Credit: Laurie Cinotto/Moment/Getty Images

3. A “Cow Cat” doesn’t have the tuxedo, instead has large black patches on a white body.

cow with cow cat

credit: Tulane Vignette

3. To be considered true Tuxedo cat, the cat’s fur should consist of solid black coat with white fur limited to paws, belly, chest, throat and chin.

 tuxedo cat

4. Many Tuxedo cats sport goatees

goatee cat

5. Paws may be black or pink, matching the coat in the area.

cute kitten cat paws

6. A Tuxedo is not a breed, just a color

7. The white color is created by genes that block out the stripes and coat color

8. Tuxedos have equal number of male and females

Unlike orange cats that are usually boy and torties that are usually female.

 black and white cat

9. Tuxedos usually have green eyes

10. Shakespeare, Beethoven and Sir Isaac Newton all owned tuxedo cats

According to legend, Isaac Newton invented the pet door. Sadly some digging around reveled this to be a myth; people had "cat holes" which were just holes in the door for cats to come and go. 

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black and white cat enamel pin

Photo: Tuxedo Cat Pin

How many of these facts were facts you already knew? Leave a comment and tell me about your tuxedo cat !

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