8 Facts About Orange Cats

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boss cat

Photo source: https://instagram.com/waffles_the_cat/

1. Eighty Percent of Orange Cats are boys

This means if you own a orange female cat, you have a rare treasure! Female orange cats are more rare because female orange cats must have two orange parents, but male orange cats only need one orange parent.

orange and white cat

2. Orange cats are also known as “ginger cats” , “marmalade cats” or “red cats”

You might find them hiding in your pantry ! ;-)

orange and white cat

3. Orange cats are rumored to be more friendly

Every cat has its own personality, but the gossip is that orange cats are friendly boys 

orange striped cat

4. Orange cats are supposedly lazy

Maybe Garfield wasn't that far from the truth!

lazy cat

Photo Source: https://instagram.com/waffles_the_cat/

5. All orange cats are tabbies

Even when they seem solid, they usually have the "m" shape stripe on their forehead.

marmalade cat

6. There are 4 different patterns for the orange tabby

There are 4 different striping patterns - classic, mackerel, ticked and spotted

spotted kitten

Waffles is a Classic Tabby ! This is a pattern that looks like marble swirls.

sleepy cat

7. The orange color is due to the the pigment pheomelanin

This color gives the cream to red color range in cats

long fur orange cat

8. Winston Churchill had an orange cat named Jock

Jock was so dear to Churchill and his family that they asked that a marmalade-coloured cat named Jock with a white bib and four white socks would always live at Chartwell, Kent.

orange and white cat

Orange you glad you know all these facts now? ;-) 

Check out our Orange Cat Enamel Pin, inspired by all the gingery cats !

Photo: Orange Cat Enamel Pin


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